typewriter keyboardFor a long time, people have been telling us at Colten Adult Care that we need to write a blog. We resisted for quite a while, but now we’re ready to jump in with both feet. Let me tell you a little about us:

Our business is adult care services. We have 4 homes for seniors in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our mission is to make our homes places of love, warmth, safety, caring, and joyous life for our residents and their families. Colten Adult Care residences are not just places to call home, they are home.

Our services are designed to give residents and their families peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are being cared for and respected. Our staff become a kind of extended family for our residents because their caring is authentic and from the heart; they truly live the meaning of service. You can check out a list of our services and amenities on our website.

So why do we want to write a blog? We are passionate about making sure seniors have the best lives possible, whether they are our residents or not. We have a wealth of experience; we’ve seen a lot of situations, and if we can help someone give better care to their loved one, the better place our little corner of the world will be. Many of our clients came to us because their families could no longer provide the level of care they needed. But perhaps you’re not there yet – you might be a senior, or a caregiver for your aging parent or other relative and doing just fine, thank you. Many senior caregivers find that caring for a loved one is joyful and stressful at the same time. Maybe you’re looking for something you can use to become a better caregiver. Learning about this complex, fulfilling, and intense job is good for both the caregiver and the cared-for.

So you can expect to see posts about caregiving, handling caregiver stress, new research on geriatric issues, what’s happening in Arizona related to seniors, fun topics, helpful tips, stories from our residents, all the “stuff” that goes into and comes out of living with and for seniors. We will put some emphasis on memory care, since so many seniors and their caregivers are dealing with some aspect of it.

Like what you read? Have a comment? Disagree with something we said? Have a question we didn’t answer or a topic you’d like to know about? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment or use the form on our home page or our contact page to contact us.

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