Alzheimer’s disease is a mental disorder that occurs due to the deterioration of the brain. Many individuals suffering from this illness lose touch with their family members as their inability to recognize faces, see reason, and communicate effectively becomes unsound.

As this degeneration occurs, it becomes increasingly difficult for relatives to interact with their loved one suffering from this disorder. Family members often become lost and confused as their once lively mother, father, grandparent or spouse becomes isolated and unable to interact with their surroundings.

To help you find a better way of communicating with a loved one with Alzheimer’s, here are some tips you can consider the next time you wish to engage with them.

Approach Them Subtly & Keep Eye Contact

Persons with Alzheimer’s are susceptible to agitation. They are swift to become uncomfortable and show displays of anxiety, worry, and panic. When you are approaching someone with this illness, avoid yelling out to them as this can cause them to be alarmed.

If they are sitting down, approach them from an angle where they can observe you, such as from the front. Make eye contact with them and mention their name. Doing so will limit fear, validate your presence, and facilitate a relaxed interaction.

Allow Them to Get Comfortable with You

Once they have acknowledged your presence, give them the opportunity to reach out to you. Do not reach out to them by touching them as this can cause fear if you appear unrecognizable.  Follow their lead and base your conversation on their mood. You can always start by asking them how they are feeling that day. If the response appears forced or they seem irritated, you can ask additional questions to spark a conversation, but do not push it. Sometimes sitting with them and offering a smile can be good enough.

On the other hand, if they are talkative and willing to engage in conversation, contribute to the discussion. Show interest in what your family member is saying so that you can keep the conversation flowing. Do not take over the conversation but just listen and add to the dialogue as they speak.

Implement Similar Practices Over the Phone

If you are speaking with them over the phone, be prepared. Think of potential topics you can discuss before you call. Say your name and who you are, or bring up a matter they might associate with you. If you notice that they are unhappy or agitated at a particular time of the day, take note and try calling during the time that they are the most upbeat and willing to engage. Try making your calls consistent regarding both time of day and week or month, so they have a solid routine and also something to look forward to.

Colten Adult Care Offers Services for Persons with Alzheimer’s

If you have a loved one who is presently suffering from Alzheimer’s and you are concerned about their wellbeing, consider contacting Colten Adult Care. Our facility proudly offers assisted living services to individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease and many other illnesses.

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Our services include dementia and Alzheimer’s care, diabetic and oxygen care, as well as many other advanced health services. Should you require more information on our amenities, we encourage you to contact us.