caring for loved onesFor a few individuals, putting their loved ones into a senior living facility can be tough on a variety of levels. Many assume that once their parent is in a home, they do not need to visit or see them as often. Or, some become so caught up in their own lives that they overlook finding the time to visit their parents.

When a loved one is in an assisted living facility, it is essential to make them feel special. Visiting them consistently, engaging in conversation, surprising them with a gift, planning a party, or taking them out for the day are some of the best things you can do for them. Continue reading to see how you can make spending time with your loved ones in senior living centers special.

Plan Your Visiting Days

There are many reasons why grown children choose to move their aging parents into an assisted living facility.  The most common reason is a growing concern for their health and their inability to live on their own. Regardless of the cause, do not neglect them while they reside in a senior home. Make it a habit to visit them.

By planning visits around a suitable time and making it a routine to see your loved one, you provide them with hope. Your regular visits give them something to look forward to with joy. It limits the occurrence of negative emotions and instead increases feelings of peace and happiness.

Spend Quality Time

While you visit your parent, spend quality time with them. Avoid all distractions and focus on giving them your undivided attention. Consider placing your phone on silent. Concentrate on your loved one and what they have to say.

Live in the moment and show them that you care solely about them and their happiness. Show your interest by having a conversation, reminiscing about the past, or by going for a stroll. Take the time to display genuine emotions.

Remember Special Occasions

To make your loved one feel special, remember their birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all the holidays that bring families together. On their birthday, consider surprising them with a cake or a small party at their residence. Gather family and friends and make them feel honored on their day of celebration. Taking the time to do these things reminds your loved one of how much they are appreciated.

Similarly, on big holidays, bring the grandchildren for the day. Consider decorating or gifting them with something relating to the season that will remind them of the holiday and the memories you all made. Do what you can to make the holiday festivities as enjoyable for them as possible. Keeping your parent happy can add value to their life and overall well-being.

Make Colten Adult Care the Chosen Residence for Your Loved One

Colten Adult Care, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an assisted living facility catering to the needs of our senior community. For over 20 years, our professional staff members have been dedicated to providing services that focus on supporting the welfare of all residents. Whether they have Alzheimer’s, dementia, or a debilitating health issue, we offer the care and assistance they require.

If you want to learn more and would like to speak with us, our team is available to answer all the questions you have regarding our services and amenities. Please do not hesitate to contact Colten Adult Care today.