scottsdale assisted livingSelecting an assisted living facility requires more than an attractive exterior. Some major factors to consider when searching for a residence for your loved aren’t necessarily tangible; most are, but they will still depend on how well the resident can adjust. If you or your loved one is living in Scottsdale and having trouble performing routine activities at home, it helps to know what you should be looking for when scoping out assisted living centers. This checklist will come in handy as you’re viewing potential locations.

Privacy and Security  

These are two critical items that should be near the top of your list. When you move your loved one into a new place with people they do not know, you want to have peace of mind that they’ll be comfortable, have independence, and have the ability to get used to their new surroundings.

Having access to a private restroom is essential for your loved to do necessary tasks with dignity and on their own time. If the restroom is not separate, then it should be connected to their room. When visiting their potential room, get an idea of whether or not they can adjust its temperature easily. It gets pretty hot in Scottsdale from time to time, so being able to cool down whenever they need to, especially when the sun is out, will be very useful.

Furthermore, ask staff about their policies regarding entry into a resident’s room. You do not want strangers or other guests to have direct access to their living area at any given time.

Other inquiries should include: Are there locks on the restroom doors? Can resident’s lock their own doors? Does the building have security professionals? There are no silly questions that can be asked when trying to enhance your comfort level and safety.


An assisted living community should be wheelchair accessible and spacious enough so your loved one can move around without feeling hindered.

Find out if it’s a one-story design or if there are many stairs. If there are stairs, find out if the building is equipped with elevators, which might be necessary if there’s an unexpected emergency and your loved one has to leave the community for treatment. Surroundings and walkways should be clean and smooth enough so residents can move about freely, with and without assistance.


Activities should be included in an assisted living facility of a high-quality. These should be offered throughout the day, whether onsite or through special outings. These activities should cater to various interests of your loved one and can even involve the whole family, making them especially eager to visit. Having a full-time activities program in place, like at Colten Adult Care, means there’s no shortage of things to do at different times of each day.

The Atmosphere and Staff Interaction

The atmosphere and quality of staff interaction directly impact one another.  When staff show a real willingness to engage with their residents and make them feel welcome, the facility’s environment improves. 

Figuring out the ratio of staff to residents is a critical factor in understanding how well your family member will ultimately be cared for. Determine if the number is disproportionate or unreasonable for your needs and whether there are enough nurses or doctors on-hand so you can get adequate individualized treatment. Your loved one might be more willing to live there knowing that they won’t have to compete for attention and appropriate care, especially when it may be urgent.

High-quality amenities, proper certification and, of course, total cost are other things you must consider during your pursuit of a suitable assisted living community in Scottsdale. Let your search start, and likely end, with Colten Adult Care. Give Peter a call today!