assisted living and familyMoving to an assisted living home is a significant and positive step for many seniors. However, the biggest fear for many seniors is that their families will simply stop visiting or forget to make time for them now that they are living in an assisted living home.

When it comes to visiting your loved one in assisted living, it’s important to continue to promote family bonding. Here are a few ideas to get started.

Visit Often

Assisted living is designed to foster friendships with other residents, but that doesn’t mean our loved ones in care do not get lonely. Family bonding time is still vital. When you visit, consider bringing other family members along, especially children or pets if the facility allows it. If a personal visit isn’t possible, today’s technology can help bridge that gap. 

You may also want to bring cards or puzzles to do together. Board games are great also. No matter what activity you choose, they will appreciate the company and the smallest gesture can mean a lot. 

Many facilities/group homes have specific visiting hours but are cognizant that some family members may not be able to comply with them due to work or other commitments. Hopefully, simply asking the facility to make an exception for a particular person & letting them know what days & times that person is likely to visit is enough to solve the problem.

The Power of Music

Is there anything more powerful than music to stir up feelings of nostalgia? Music can instantly boost the moods of residents and family members alike. Listen to music when you visit and leave a CD or device for your loved one to listen to while you’re gone. That way, they can remember the great time they had listening to their favorite tunes during your visit and they’ll be able to get excited for the next time you stop by.

Get Out in the Sunshine

Not only is fresh air fantastic for health and vitality, it’s also a great activity to promote family bonding. Take advantage of nice weather and get out there. Many assisted living facilities have designated outdoor areas and even gardens for residents to enjoy. The fresh air will do them a world of good. Whether it’s going for a walk, tending to a garden or even planting a tree together, the outdoors is a wonderful place to spend time as a family.

Take Part in Events

Many assisted living homes also offer special dinners, movie nights, and other events that are perfect for family bonding. By taking the time to enjoy these organized events, you’re sending the message that you want to be an active part of your loved one’s new life in assisted living. You will also have a blast and get to know their new friends and housemates.

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