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Many children expect to grow older, move out of their parents’ home, and live a separate life.  They anticipate buying a house, starting a family, and living independently from their former caregivers. Sometimes, people give very little thought to the idea of “re-living” with parents and letting them into your home permanently.

However, as you mature, your parents also do the same, and with their maturity comes changes that are often health-related. As these changes arise, dynamics in the family alter, leaving children to become caregivers for their parents.

If you are considering letting a parent move in with you, you should think over all the details. Below are some points you need to review before making the decision.

Evaluate Both Sides

Before your parent moves in with you, you must weigh your decision. Assess the positive aspects as well as any points to the contrary. For example, consider the benefits that can result from your parent being present. If their health is an issue, think about how you will have immediate access to them and can provide them with the care they need when required. If you have children, consider how elated your parent will be to see their grandchildren every day.

On the other hand, reflect on how well you get along with your parent. Will conflicting beliefs add turmoil to the home? Or, how will your spouse respond to your parents being present all the time? Do you have the necessary resources, such as time, money, and knowledge, to care for your parents and to handle their progressing conditions? Before bringing your parent in, many things must be taken into consideration, and unsettled questions need answers before you get yourself into a difficult situation.

Initiate a Family Meeting

Without being hasty in making the decision, speak to your family members. Address the issue with your immediate family first such as your spouse and children. Ask them how they feel about the idea of your parent moving in. Some may be open to the notion whereas others may not. Overall, consider what they have to say because agreeing to this significant change in your home will have a significant impact on them as well.

Aside from your spouse and children, discuss the move with your extended families such as your siblings and other relatives. Review other options and see what is the best fit before you decide to invite your parent into your home.

As the child of your aging parent, you may feel obligated to take them in, but it is pivotal that everyone’s input is given, understood, and valued. Without discourse on this topic, disagreements and shifts in the family are likely to ensue.

Colten Adult Care Can Be a Home to Your Parent

Having your parent move in is a significant change and adjustment. However, before agreeing, consider all parties involved. If adverse reactions are prevalent, discuss alternative options.

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By considering us as an alternative option, you can feel confident in knowing that professionals are tending to their needs. Whether they have health issues or require the attention of committed staff, we remain devoted to your loved one’s wellbeing. Contact Colten Adult Care for more information on our services.