Dear Jana and Peter:

How can I ever thank you for what you have provided for my parents and for me?

As you know, my parent’s lives changed in a flash. Within one year they went from living in their own condominium and my father driving a car to both requiring assisted living. Mom fell and broke her hip while still recovering from knee replacement surgery. At the same time, Dad was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. I had one week to find them a new living arrangement.

When I walked into your care home, I knew I wanted my parents living there. I met friendly and warm caregivers and residents who were obviously thriving in their environment. Most were at the dining table and some had family with them. Each family member told me how much better their loved one was doing physically and mentally now that s/he had moved into the house.

In the year that Mom and Dad have been at the Villa on Sweetwater, I can say the same. They have settled into a routine that includes meals with the other residents, exercise classes, walks in the backyard garden, visits from scout troops, a variety of activities, and excellent care 24/7. They are thriving! Mom is stronger and healthier than she was one year ago and although Dad’s memory loss has continued, he is happy and content just to be there with his sweetheart. Someone is always available to help them and that brings me peace of mind. They are safe and loved!

I saw many homes in the stressful week of searching for the right one. Others had told me that I would just know which one to select and to trust my instincts. It was clear that you truly love and respect your residents and the families that place them. You do all that you can to provide a quality of life for people whose worlds have been drastically narrowed and at the same time, keep them healthy and safe. You respect the families and their struggles and the lines of communication are always open. Most importantly, you are careful to hire staff who reflect your values and treat the residents with dignity and respect.

Any care home can provide food and shelter. You have created a loving, extended family.

-Marlys Lazarus