As a hospice nurse, I often visit patients at Colten Adult Care, and it is an honor to write this letter on their behalf. Jana & Peter provide excellent [memory] care for all of their residents. Their [senior] caregivers are compassionate, loving and respectful and always treat the residents with the utmost dignity. They understand medication administration, preventative care, and most importantly, are big hearted individuals who love what they do. They treat all residents like a member of their family.

I am continually impressed by the cleanliness of the facilities and the warm environment that is maintained for the residents. The manager is always available to discuss resident care and she continually seeks opportunities to meet with families and ensure the best care for the residents. I truly enjoy the opportunity of working with such kind-hearted individuals.

I highly recommend Colten Adult Care; I would not think twice about placing a loved family member in their care.

-Rosa Izaguirre, RN
Hospice of Arizona