Finding Sweetwater Place solved a problem we had with the care of our elderly mother who was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s [Disease]. She had been in an assisted living facility in New York State for a few years but I did not think she was adequately cared for. When I learned about the Colten facilities I was able to convince my sister that moving our mother to Arizona would be in her best interests.

My mother has been a resident for Sweetwater Place for 3.5 years. The care she receives is fantastic: she is always clean, her room is always clean and she is probably eating better than she has in years! The activities are great too. The caregivers even play gin-rummy or scrabble with her, sometimes till late at night. She doesn’t remember what she just, did but she can sure beat you at a card game or even scrabble. I absolutely believe that my mother would either not be with us any longer, or would be much poorer physically and emotionally if we had let her remain where she was.

-Doris Mannies