I would like to write today to tell you how very pleased I am to have found such a wonderful, caring, and loving home for my client/friend. I have worked for him for 12 years. In those 12 years I’ve seen him go from independent living to the need for more care because of stroke and Parkinson related problems. Your [assisted living] home was recommended by another nurse and she told me how wonderful it was.  She was absolutely right.

I asked my client to tell me the things he thought were good in comparison to the prior home I had him in.  These were among some of the things he mentioned:

  • The caregivers are very kind, attentive, and patient.
  • The food is very good.  If there is something I don’t like they arrange for something that I do like.
  • They will buy food that I like at no extra cost (very important to him).
  • The place is kept spotlessly clean. The rooms are cleaned daily.
  • In the main part of the house movies are available daily.
  • There is live entertainment at least once a week.
  • Supervised exercise is available several times a week.
  • If you need changes to your room they are more than willing to work with you
    to make those changes.
  • If there is furniture you don’t have and they have it in their storeroom they will let you use it
    (also very important to him)

As his caregiver and assistant I am very impressed with how wonderfully he is treated and how the home is run. I also appreciate that they work so well with my client. He tends to be a loner and he feels very comfortable in your group home. One other thing I feel is very important is that you have a handyman that can do anything and fix anything that needs to be done.

Thank you so much for providing such a loving atmosphere for my client.  It is very important to his quality of life and he and I both appreciate it very much.
-Linda Pizzuto