Dear Peter,

I would like to share with you some of the decision making factors we considered when placing both of my parents in a [senior] care home. In the case of my Father we needed, quickly, a place for him to live with supervision due to the fact he and my mother could no longer live [alone] together. Your facility provided not only that but did so at a price that fit into our budget and was in a location that my Mother could visit regularly. My Mother’s situation was slightly different in that she deteriorated rapidly and just reached a point she could not take care of herself. Her hygiene, eating habits etc had all been impossible for her to manage.

In each case your facility has provided my family and myself the peace of mind that our parents were properly cared for in a non institutionalized environment. The normal housing and spacious yards bring a certain degree of normalcy. Aside from the peace of mind that our parents were being taken care of, the proximity and relaxed visiting environment have been a major plus. We knew, on an ongoing basis, that our parents were being fed well, kept clean, engaged socially, and in general living comfortably.

I have, and will continue, to recommend your facility on the basis of the items mentioned above. Other influential factors are the really great staff that always offer compassion and attack their responsibilities professionally while treating each resident as an individual. The period prior to moving a parent into an environment such as this is always a hectic, stressful, emotional time. During this period we talked to several other facilities and quite frankly all [four] of your homes came out head and shoulders above any others.

Our experience during the past 5 plus years has been positive and personal stress reliever.

-Parke Hautem