senior livingWhen thinking about moving your parents to an assisted living home, you may wonder if their quality of life will suffer. After all, moving from your family home to a new place with new people can seem uncomfortable and daunting.

However, the truth is that assisted living actually improves quality of life for seniors. For many seniors, living at home is bittersweet. Tasks such as preparing meals, cleaning up, and taking showers can become more difficult. Additionally, tasks such as staying on top of bills, home maintenance, and remembering to take medications can also become a challenge. If these simple activities start to slip, you may notice a decline in quality of life. Assisted living is one of the best options for seniors who are looking to maintain an excellent quality of life while also taking care of their health and safety. Here are a few ways assisted living can improve a senior’s quality of life.

1 – The Essentials

One of the key ways that assisted living can improve the quality of life of residents in care is simply the basics of a daily routine. With the varying needs of facilities and residents, many assisted living homes provide basic services like housekeeping, meals, and laundry. In some cases, transportation is provided for residents to run errands or visit friends and family. By having these basic needs met, it allows for more time to focus on things that residents enjoy.

2 – Critical Care

Depending on the needs of the resident, some may be in a situation where it is critical that they receive care at certain points throughout a typical day. Such services might include regular physical therapy to maintain maximum mobility. Others would benefit knowing a doctor or health care professional is on hand when needed. Medication dispensing and administration could also be a part of a daily regimen that would be managed by staff. These things are vital to the care and comfort of residents and contribute greatly to the quality of life in assisted living.

3 – Community, Safety, and Security

For those who are elderly and live alone, there may be anxiety over having no one close to talk to. Feelings of loneliness may manifest into depression. What’s worse could be turning in for the night without the peace of mind of knowing help is close by. In an assisted living facility, most of those worries do not factor in. Each facility is designed to feel like it is the resident’s home but with the benefit of 24-hour support and access to immediate care if needed.

Residents often find that within no time at all, friendships form with other residents and facility staff as well. It is this feeling of community and security that lifts worry and allows residents to enjoy their days with activity and friendship.

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