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My first encounter with Colten Adult Care Homes came in 2002 when I was working as a Home Health Nurse for a local home health agency. 

My case load included seniors who had suffered with different types of dementia and who had been experiencing difficulty with symptoms such as poor sleep, depressed mood, anxiety and increases confusion.  The day I happened to come for my first visit, I met the owner, Jana Colten and I was impressed by her presence and energy.  The home was warm and alive and my sad, depressed patient was sitting at the kitchen table singing with the other residents.   She had recently been hospitalized for depression, with symptoms that included increased social withdrawal and decreased appetite.  She had been irritable and her family was concerned she wouldn’t adjust well to moving into a group home setting.  This woman was engaging with the group a bit and had been eating well since she had arrived a few days prior to my visit.  My patient continued to make gradual improvements and she stayed at the Colten home for several months. 

In 2003, I left my employer and started our agency designed to help families locate exceptional assisted living homes and I have continued working with the Coltens the past six years. Caring for seniors and working with families is not an easy career path, but it has been my professional experience that Peter and Jana Colten operate some of the finest homes in the Phoenix metro area.  They have time and time again gone to great lengths to provide loving and well managed homes to the residents they serve.  In a world that is so difficult to maintain staff and a team, they have a number of caregivers and staff who have been with them for years I always look forward to referring families to them and those that choose their homes are happy and well served. 

Take the time to really look at their homes and to get to know them.  They truly epitomize what our industry needs…more compassionate people serving the needs of our seniors.

Scott Fischer, BSN

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