Senior care homes in Phoenix Arizona
Senior care homes in Phoenix Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have 24 hour awake staff?
How long have your caregivers worked for you?
What training has your staff had?
How long have you been in business?
What is your background?
Do you have references available?
What are your monthly rates and what do they include?
Are there any additional fees on top of the monthly fee?
Do you accept long term care insurance?
Do you accept residents with special needs?
Do you accept ALTCS residents?
Can you provide respite and/or day care?
What types of meals do you serve?
Do you have activities for the residents?
Is there a house doctor?
Are you governed by any state or local agency?
Do your homes have open visiting hours?
Are residents allowed to bring their own furniture and furnishings? Hang pictures on the walls?
Can residents bring their pets?
What is the nearest hospital to your homes?
Do all of your rooms have cable and telephone outlets?

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