"My family and I thank you (Colten Adult Care)for taking such good care of Lenore. It gives me great comfort (and I can sleep at night now)."

Testimonial – Scott Hyder

I continue to spread the word around regarding your [assisted living] services. I never thought I could be happy having Lenore stay in a care facility away from her own home. However, the care workers at Sweetwater Place have been so beyond my high expectations.

I recently took Lenore to the Mayo clinic. Her doctor made a remark (without any prompting) that Lenore is very well taken care of.  He proceeded to tell me and my mom that he sees so many older people who are living in care facilities of all types. According to him, most of these people are not well groomed, are dehydrated, have unhealthy skin and basically look disheveled and poorly taken care of. He expressed surprise as to how well Lenore’s skin was, how well groomed she was, and generally that she was in great health due to the excellent care she was receiving.

Furthermore, I speak to Lenore practically every day. And every day she says that the girls taking care of her are very nice and helpful. This is coming from a woman who has been extremely critical of people all of her life and always wants to be the center of attention!

So, my family and I thank you for taking such good care of Lenore.  It gives me great comfort (and I can sleep at night now).

-Scott Hyder

"The caregivers are very kind, food is very good and the place is kept spotlessly clean."

Testimonial – Linda Pizzuto

I would like to write today to tell you how very pleased I am to have found such a wonderful, caring, and loving home for my client/friend. I have worked for him for 12 years. In those 12 years I’ve seen him go from independent living to the need for more care because of stroke and Parkinson related problems. Your [assisted living] home was recommended by another nurse and she told me how wonderful it was.  She was absolutely right.

I asked my client to tell me the things he thought were good in comparison to the prior home I had him in.  These were among some of the things he mentioned:

  • The caregivers are very kind, attentive, and patient.
  • The food is very good.  If there is something I don’t like they arrange for something that I do like.
  • They will buy food that I like at no extra cost (very important to him).
  • The place is kept spotlessly clean. The rooms are cleaned daily.
  • In the main part of the house movies are available daily.
  • There is live entertainment at least once a week.
  • Supervised exercise is available several times a week.
  • If you need changes to your room they are more than willing to work with you
    to make those changes.
  • If there is furniture you don’t have and they have it in their storeroom they will let you use it
    (also very important to him)

As his caregiver and assistant I am very impressed with how wonderfully he is treated and how the home is run. I also appreciate that they work so well with my client. He tends to be a loner and he feels very comfortable in your group home. One other thing I feel is very important is that you have a handyman that can do anything and fix anything that needs to be done.

Thank you so much for providing such a loving atmosphere for my client.  It is very important to his quality of life and he and I both appreciate it very much.
-Linda Pizzuto

"I feel comforted knowing her time at Laurel House was the best two years in her “golden years.”

Testimonial – Two Facilities, One Sentiment

Dear Jana & Peter:

Thank you for the beautiful card. Mom really loved both of you. I think you always brightened her day. We will all miss her very much. I feel comforted knowing her time at Laurel House was the best two years in her “golden years.” She was well cared for, well fed and loved.

Thanks again.
-Toby Weinstein, Erika Morgenstern

"Patti and I feel very lucky to have found the Colten’s."

Testimonial – Our Loves Ones are Safe and Happy

After researching and visiting many adult care homes, Patti and I feel very lucky to have found the Colten’s. Our Mom could not be in better hands. She is happy and participates in many of the daily events for the residents. We no longer worry about her safety or if she is being taken care of.  She is happy there and we are very happy as well. We would strongly recommend Colten Adult Care for any family that is looking for a wonderful home for their parent.

-John Bosch

"Our experience during the past 5 plus years has been positive and personal stress reliever."

Testimonial – Parke Hautem

Dear Peter,

I would like to share with you some of the decision making factors we considered when placing both of my parents in a [senior] care home. In the case of my Father we needed, quickly, a place for him to live with supervision due to the fact he and my mother could no longer live [alone] together. Your facility provided not only that but did so at a price that fit into our budget and was in a location that my Mother could visit regularly. My Mother’s situation was slightly different in that she deteriorated rapidly and just reached a point she could not take care of herself. Her hygiene, eating habits etc had all been impossible for her to manage.

In each case your facility has provided my family and myself the peace of mind that our parents were properly cared for in a non institutionalized environment. The normal housing and spacious yards bring a certain degree of normalcy. Aside from the peace of mind that our parents were being taken care of, the proximity and relaxed visiting environment have been a major plus. We knew, on an ongoing basis, that our parents were being fed well, kept clean, engaged socially, and in general living comfortably.

I have, and will continue, to recommend your facility on the basis of the items mentioned above. Other influential factors are the really great staff that always offer compassion and attack their responsibilities professionally while treating each resident as an individual. The period prior to moving a parent into an environment such as this is always a hectic, stressful, emotional time. During this period we talked to several other facilities and quite frankly all [four] of your homes came out head and shoulders above any others.

Our experience during the past 5 plus years has been positive and personal stress reliever.

-Parke Hautem